Way of Council & the Spirit of Enquiry – London

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                                                                                                                                                                                                 What is Council?

    This ancient practice of sitting in a circle and speaking and listening from the heart is our innate birth-right.

    In modern times the core practice of Council sets a container for empathy and honesty. It provides a way of bearing witness and accepts diversity in our self and each other and helps cultivate non-hierarchical power. When in Council we step into a timeless space and the creative source flows through us.

    Through the medium of The Way of Council we will embrace the spirit of enquiry; meaning to open a space of ‘not knowing’ – allowing a state of creativity, a field of fresh new energy and awareness that connects us to a deeper wisdom within; a depth out of which new understandings may arise.

    We will explore

    • History and cross-cultural roots.

    • Creating special time and place.

    • Practicing the Five Intentions of Council

    • Sharing our personal stories along side those of the community to deepen the art of listening and speaking from the heart.

    • Various forms of Council to share, support and enter the gateway to an enquiring mind. 

    • How making mistakes, things going wrong, conflicts and opposites can be a portal to a deeper consciousness and a greater understanding.

    We will learn

    • Council as a personal practice can help quieten our habits of thought, allowing us to become an empty vessel and make friends with what is present.

    • How the stillness of Council enhances our capacity to enquire; to ask questions rather than fix things and how this informs and creates a spiritual practice. 

    • As we share this truth, we will discover that behind right and wrong, fixed ideas and past beliefs is a place of relative freedom a state of being that is a creative lively energy.

    • We will ask how this serves our selves, our community and the world.

     Start – Friday at 6.30PM – Finish Sunday 5PM

    Cost – £190, (including £90 deposit, non refundable deposit  (non-residential)

    To enquire or enroll please contact – pippa@ancienthealingways.co.uk   Tel – + 44 (0) 7814959613 

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