There have been so many who supported this web site being created…who listened and felt its value…who wanted it to happen…who contributed writing and resources, photos and time…We could not name you all.
We will do our best to acknowledge a few key players.
Now we hope many more will fill it in and bring it to life!

The Web Team
Gigi Coyle, Leon Berg, Sharon Shay Sloan and Andrea Widegreen

Web Designer
Munro Sickafoose / DiamondHeart Studio

The Ways of Council Core Team
Alan Mobley, Eran Halevi, Gigi Coyle, Han Delissen, Itaf Awad, Jack Zimmerman, Leon Berg, Sharon Shay Sloan, Joshua Konkankoh, Kelly Kagan, Carolina Ana Beer Simas, Yamin Chehin,
with roving witnesses – Siri Gunnarson & Win Phelps

The Ojai Foundation’s Council of Elders
Gigi Coyle, Jack Zimmerman, Joe Provisor, Leon Berg,  Lola Rae Long, Marlow Hotchkiss

Photographs and Text
Beyond Boundaries, Center for Council, Council in Schools, European Council Network, Ma’agal Hakshava, The Ojai Foundation, Walking Water and many photographers including Eran Halevi, Jasmine Baegler, Jen Fendrizzi, Laura Lochrane, Leon Berg, Win Phelps, and many more Circle Carriers and Circle Organizations….

Council In Schools: “Witness the Impact”,  by James Seligman
Prison Program: Center for Council, by Heidi Spencer & Co.
The Power of Listening:  An Ancient Practice for our Future, TEDx Redondo Beach
Welcome”, by  Jim Whitney, Laura Whitney, Gigi Coyle  & Ian McKenzie

And to the many organizations and individuals who offered BOTH TIME AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT –
Thank You The Ojai Foundation for being our fiscal sponsor !