Willkommen, Bienvenue, ברוך הבא, Vítejte, أهلا بك, Kuwakaribisha, Hoşgeldiniz…. This site is a virtual hub for the ways of council that have grown out of The Ojai Foundation lineage. It is also a beginning place to bear witness to ancient and emergent circle ways from around the world. Circles have been called, inspired, practiced, and informed by many cultures over time. The heart of these practices – of listening, learning, living and thinking like a circle – are needed now more than ever.

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Current Affairs

A short film about the
Practice of Council In Nature
with Pip Bondy
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When you find your place inside the circle, you are surrounded by a community that practices a willingness to provide you with a patient, loving, compassionate understanding of who you are, and the circle is committed to a relationship with you, and with each other, that will help you on your life’s journey.
~Jeanette Acosta, California Traditional

Circle Ways


Council in Schools
The Power of Listening
Council in Prisons
Council with law enforcement