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    “Dream-work releases an experience that grips or falls upon us from above, an experience that has substance and body such as those things which occurred to the ancients.”   – Carl Jung

    This weekend in the Way of Council we will be discovering and introducing the language of dreams, our unconscious and unlived, un-integrated parts of ourselves. Dreams are a point of contact between spirit and matter, human and divine – messengers with gifts to help. Dreams reveal our hidden identity, our path and our next step. Dream language is behind our ’thinking mind’, our controlled ego’s ideas about ourselves and our perceived understandings. The ancients knew the power and importance of their dreams. They understood that dreams come from a source that weaves together not only the images, symbols and metaphors from our own life, but also of those who have come before us.

    Many indigenous tribal peoples had a natural understanding of listening and living from their dreams. We will be opening to practices and exercises in Council that embrace and open this consciousness.

    The final Council will explore how the lessons learned can be brought back into our daily lives continuing the practice of questioning and discovering what it means to listen deeply and how this informs and guides our journey and how we support each other.

    “You must give birth to your images
    They are the future waiting to be born
    Fear not the strangeness you feel
    The future must enter you long before it happens
    Just wait for the birth, for the hour of clarity”

                                                                                    Rainer Maria Rilke

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