Restorative Practices for Educators

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    Restorative Practices for Educators is our level 2 training. It is for educators who want to integrate the community-building practice of council with a restorative approach to social-emotional learning (SEL), conflict resolution, behavior management, and wellness. This two day workshop prepares educators to implement a range of restorative strategies to establish positive behavior expectations, address community concerns, respond to incidents of conflict, wrongdoing and harm, and increase social-emotional learning for all. Participants learn to conduct “PeaceTalks” and restorative mediations to resolve interpersonal disputes, to prepare for and conduct restorative conferences to address serious incidents of wrongdoing , and to engage in restorative personal practices to promote personal and collective wellbeing.

    Start: July 30, 2o2o, 08:30 AM Finish: July 31, 2o2o, 04:00 PM

    Cost: $350.00

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