Introduction to Council and Restorative Justice for Educators

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    Introduction to Council & Restorative Justice is for educators, parents, and youth workers. This participatory two-day workshop prepares participants to begin circle facilitation in classes, schools, families, and youth organizations with students, colleagues, and peers. It covers the history and basics of circle practices, forms and modalities, of framing effective prompts, and of how to use circle ways to promote academic goals, social-emotional skill-building, student directed curriculum, and youth leadership. Introduction to Council & Restorative Justice also provides the foundation for a restorative justice approach to conflict and discipline. The workshop is appropriate for pre-K through post secondary educators. LAUSD staff are eligible to receive one salary point for the completion of this course.

    Start: April 25, 2o2o, Finish: May 2, 2o2o

    Cost: $350.00

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    Please contact: Circle Ways: (323) 868-5641 or Email:

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