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    “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”  – Anthony J. D’Angelo

    The Way of Council builds trust, is inclusive, non-judgmental and accepting, and is a useful tool for groups and communities.  Participants learn the art of listening with full attention and expressing themselves with personal experience and heartfelt truth. In offering their personal stories, Council enables people to open to each other as equal human beings in a place of safety and creates community in a way that has become rare in our modern western culture.

    We will explore
    – History and cross cultural roots
    – Creating special time and place
    – Practicing the Intentions of Council
    – Sharing our personal stories along side those of the community to deepen the art of listening and speaking from the heart
    – Various forms of Council – spiral, fish bowl, dyad and more
    – Developing the basic ingredients of holding
    – Council in your own community and field of work

    We will learn
    – Council as a personal practice and a group/community process
    – A way and path to reconciliation, visioning, decision making and healing
    – To shift from hierarchical power structures to a mode in which initiative, responsibility and leadership are shared
    – To a reach consensus through heart centered awareness
    – How Council serves our community, ourselves and the world

    Cost: £185, including a £85 non refundable deposit. (Non-residential program)
    Times: Friday at 6.30pm to Sunday at 5.00pm
    Questions & Registration: pippa@ancienthealingways.co.uk