The Way of Council & the Wisdom of Challenge

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    “Through the practice of Council, we learn the balance and wisdom of the circle”

    What is Council? 

    The call of Council was a natural means of communication for our indigenous ancestors.

    In modern times the core practice of Council sets a container for empathy and honesty. It provides a way of bearing witness and of peacemaking that accepts diversity in our self and each other, and helps cultivate non-hierarchical power. When in Council we step into a timeless space and spirit moves through us. We experience the deep connection to all life.

    Council is not about fixing things and being right. It is a practice of speaking and listening from the heart – a means of opening to heartfelt compassionate expression and non-judgemental acceptance of how and who and where people are. Council is a practice of witnessing – self, other and the environment at one and the same time. Council is a teaching that brings intention, acceptance and authentic speaking to the centre of one’s heart, creating the possibility for truly engaged relationship, the understanding of community and an opening to wholeness.

     What we will explore

    • History and cross-cultural roots.
    • Experience Council as a life way and practice in body/soul/mind & spirit.
    • How challenges, things going wrong, mistakes, conflicts and opposites can be a portal to a deeper consciousness and a greater understanding. An awaking!

    What is Council? Why Council?

    • Importance of creating special time and place. (opening the circle)
    • Five intentions of Council – The way of Story.
    • Process of building trust by cultivating the values of listening, empathy and honesty in a non-hierarchical mode.
    • Safe container for dealing with difficult issues.
    • Participation and belonging to a larger body. (Council is Spirit)
    • The way of story and the art of listening deeply.
    • Different forms of Council.
    • The fundamentals of carrying Council in your life and field of work.



    November 24th, starting at 6:00 pm to November 26th, finishing 5pm
    Organised & facilitated by: Pippa Bondy

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