The Art of Witnessing

Event Category: Council Trainings

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    This training will focus on the advanced practice and role in council of the witness, a
    seat that necessarily courts awareness, deepens presence, and enhances a path
    of service not only in council but in our everyday world.

    Beyond tools and techniques, council is a personal practice and a communitarian way of life.
    When we open to the many voices and different expressions within council, we have an opportunity
    to access and live more fully in the multi-dimensionality of our world. Whilst the responsibility of
    a facilitator is to set an inclusive field for all that can emerge, the witness sits fully involved in the
    circle, both as participant and as an ally, tracking tone, overall content, weaving of viewpoints,
    perhaps even deeper truths that enhance or hone a bigger picture unseen by the focus of the group.
    In this time of both personal work and practice, we will explore when, how, and in what context
    the witness serves. To enable such perspective, we will work with awareness of one’s own story
    to liberate ‘charge’ in the best practice of neutrality, giving attention to keen observation and
    peripheral vision, aspiring always to be of service to the council. In this training, accessing and
    developing our ability to witness, we will have the opportunity to travel further down the council
    path to a more committed, aware and engaged life.

    As this training is a more advanced experience of Council Practice, please note that there are prerequisites:
    • Have already taken Introduction to Council and preferably another training.
    • Have at least one year of experience working with council in various forms and venues,
    • Have read The Way of Council. (Now available in English, German & Czech)

    Sliding scale € 250 – 450 plus board and lodging for € 60 per day (3 days)

    Workshop payment/deposit:

    Facilitators: Yvan Rytz, Gigi Coyle, Rob Dreaming

    Note: There will be a maximum number of 25 people accepted in the program, and it will be held in English.

    Start – Monday, November 6th in the evening
    Finish – Thursday, November 9th after lunch.