European Council Network Gathering – Belgium

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    Bienvenue en Belgique!
    Welkom in België!
    Willkommen in Belgien!
    Welcome in Belgium!

    Cross-pollination took place in the Hungarian hive. A seed clung onto the the Belgian wings. It flew over borders. Carried by the winds. And finally dropped onto the Belgian soil. A soil composed of rich relational nutrients. It now needs tending and watering. And while we wait for our shoot to grow We cherish the perspective of harvesting the fruits with the community…

    The Gathering
    From the evening of November 1st – November 5th after lunch
    At De Kluizerij, an old convent in Affligem, Belgium

    What to Expect
    • ‘Open Heart Space’ making room for emergence (workshops you’d like to give, specific council prompts you’d like to explore, nature walks, free time, party time, you name it!)
    • Deepening your practice of The Way of Council, exploring different forms of Counci
    • A better understanding of the different Council journeys for the different Council Paths (carrier, facilitator, trainer)
    • Getting to know other Council carriers, trainers, elders. Inspire and be inspired.
    • Exploring intergenerational community living
    • Decision making processes related to the governance day
    • Hearing about the history, purpose and values of the ECN
    • Nature walks & dancing
    • And, if not for the people, you gotta come for the beer and the chocolate!

    The program will mostly unfold in English. Yet, inclusion is a focus for our network. Many ways can be found for translation; it is common practice for people to sit side by side and translate simultaneously as the session unfolds.
    As usual, there will be workshops before and after the gathering. Click here and scroll to the bottom of our invitation to learn about The Whole Program.

    Fees & Registration

    ECN Gathering Fee:  80 € (if you register and pay the fee after September 18, 2017)
    Early Bird-Fee”:  65 € (if you register and pay the fee before September 17, 2017- in order to ease the work of the organizers for the preparation of the gathering)
    Family package:  120 € (if 2 adults come with a child, the second adult pays half the price)
    NOTE: Children from 0 to 18 years of age DO NOT pay the Gathering Fee

    Board and Lodging: Wednesday Dinner – Sunday Lunch
    240 € (4 x 60 € per person/night in the room with double bed)
    200 € (4 x 50 € per person/night on the 3 floor)  → it is a double room with bed, no shower on the same floor, limited availability)
    120 € (4 x 30 € per child from 7 to 18 years/night)
    0 € (per child under 7 sleeping in the same room as the parents)

    Please send inquiries and ideas to For more information about the venue, directions, costs, workshops and more, read our full invitation by clicking here.

    More stories to come. Tending our fire. Trusting what is to come.
    Trusting this place is just fine. In ceremony and community.

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