EARTHwise centre

Leadership and Education for being EARTHwise

The word “EARTHwise” means to become wise and evolutionary coherent like our planet Earth as well as to act in harmony with the healthy living systems of our planet. The words “EARTHwise Centre” represent how we place the indigenous wisdom of our planet Earth at the centre of all we do and who we are.

Our commitment is to develop and nurture the thrivability conditions for the full blossoming of people, our Earth, and all her living beings – including our oceans, forests, and vital climate systems. 

Transition leadership for thrivability

The journey to thrivability requires specific leadership competencies, combined with a transformative understanding of; the dynamics of complex systems, tipping points, transition times, social innovation, and behavioural change. We provide and empower this through our: 

  • Consultancy and system design services, speaking engagements, research, projects and advocacy;  
  • Leadership programs and capacity development for the systemic transformation within existing businesses, organizations, communities and governments, to;
  • Transition to regenerative distributive economies and inclusive participatory democracies.

Our services support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while taking this further to lead for where we need to go for a thrivable future. 

Promoting evolutionary coherence

We promote evolutionary coherence through our EARTHwise Tipping Point System (TPS), which is designed as a wisdom collaboratory:

  • Bringing together an incredible team, council, and alliance of highly talented and committed leaders, creatives, influencers, and solutionaries from diverse fields, as;
  • A social tipping point for thrivability. 
Education for being EARTHwise 

Through our EARTHwise education programs and online courses we support people to develop the wisdom, vision, and competencies to become EARTHwise creatives, facilitators, leaders, and custodians.

About EARTHwise Centre

EARTHwise Centre is a non-profit CSR registered organization, based in Mauritius with international chapters  in Europe, Argentina, the USA and Australia.