Trainer’s Mentoring Circle Update

September 20th Community Zoom Council

About 17 of us took up this topic after offering an internal ‘climate’ report and shared in the joy and grief of facing this reality. Jack provided us with a poignant theme:

We join together in council with the intention to speak to the past and present pain and damage inflicted upon Mother Earth, damage that has become so profound that we are being moved from the possibilities of healing towards the reality of adaptation.  As a result, there is a collective despair growing in many of us, whether conscious or not. We posed the question, “How do we deal with this reality, including the despair? How can council help us adapt to an Earth that is becoming increasingly inhospitable to its human and other species?” What is the role of council in helping us face the reality of ultimate adaptation?”

We began with the introduction of the word Solastalgia, which is: the increasing, pervasive feeling of sadness and loss for a world that’s being irreversibly altered.

~ Below is the Harvest of the Heart Mind ~