The Growing Tree of Council

Any teaching, practice or way is as healthy and whole as the individuals and groups who carry it
The learning must go on !

We, Jack and I,  stand in gratitude for being able to be part of, grow with and offer for @ 40 years in both different and similar ways —-the practice of council

what we received, brought, dreamed, co- created 
what emerged thru our relationship with each other, with community, with our partners, with all with whom we sat in circle or dialogues, with the ”TOF land”, with the youth, with teachers from different cultures, with elders from different traditions, with our ancestors and ancestral places,  with and in direct relationship with nature….. 
thru the practice, thru the years — 

What we continue to work and learn with and/or stand by and take responsibility for ….
the intentions or guidelines of council as a practice

the spirit of council – naming, inspiring and offering such in many places, situations, cultures, and peoples
the practice of asking what serves ..self, others, greater good, the unnameable
different forms emerging thru years of circle work including the web, the spiral, wisdom councils, response councils, dyadic councils with the third, sound and movement councils, witness councils
extensive work with young people and teachers, etc.
learning to be a witness and other different parts of the practice
different ceremonial aspects such as the import of intention, connection to place, dedications, offerings, openings and closings
different exercises such as field reading, heart sensing, sound and movement, crossing the line, truth-bites, the change game, nature exercises/“solo” walks, working with the third to name just some
learning with a talking stick/staff/piece, honoring that root primarily though not exclusively in First Nations – while often shifting the focus to its becoming more of a “listening piece”
many teachings around communication with silence, authenticity, ancestry, sourcing, cultural awareness, sensitivity, respect, facing personal and collective shadows, exploration of “isms” of all kinds
much of the “ingredients” of what came to be called – council trainings one, two and three.
the power and import of song 
reference to and support/encouragement of/ access to meditation, movement practices, improvisation, NVC, social racial justice trainings, historical knowledge and more
initiating a way of council within schools, families, couples, prison, business, health services, NGO’S , communities, churches, zendos, and more
the journeys called flesh and spirit and the nature of council
our handbooks together and with other partners such as Marlow, numerous articles and The WAY OF COUNCIL book, now in four languages
the Ways of Council website

doing our best to stay current in the current
looking forward
Gigi & Jack

Download The Growing Council Tree here and feel free to share