Restorative Circles for Citizens in Europe

The Restorative Circles for Citizens in Europe is a unique, innovative, and collaborative project that aims to create true dialogue among EU citizens holding different views on the topic of euro-skepticism, linked directly to specific EU measures. The training will use the restorative approach to launch a series of talking Circles in 9 cities across five countries in Europe – Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Greece and Italy. The selected organizations represent countries from different regions with different characteristic responses to the current migration crisis. The project seeks to engage citizens who have no previous experience in civil society projects, members of underprivileged and underrepresented groups and large number of youth who will determine the future of Europe.

The Circles will be implemented in 6-weekend-long processes. Facilitators will start with two groups holding opposing views, prepare participants in both groups and finally mix them in one Circle to engage in an open, respectful dialogue.