Nurit Avrahami Lowe

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    Nurit is a Council Trainer and a member of the Leadership of Amutat Mahagal Hakshava, in Israel.As an holistic therapist, a facilitator for wellbeing and an artist, her guiding message is “to inspire healthy living on all levels for self and others.” The Way of Council became the major way for her to facilitate such a belief.

    Since 2002 she has been teaching the Way of Council in schools, to students, educators, social workers, and other professionals and organizations. She has also been leading council in schools in the Arab-Jewish city of Maalot Tarshicha in the Galilee, as a long term project with the vision to create a Listening City. The project is supported by Ort Israel.

    The Way of Council with its simplicity and authenticity creates scared space and touches the hearts of its participants. Miracles do happen.