Eran and Nuria Halevi

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    In 1999, Eran and Nuria established the Uriel Center as a place dedicated to personal growth. In 2001, they hosted and participated in the first Council training process in Israel led by Leon Berg and Ronit Peleg (Rinat).   Later, they continued their training with Gigi Coyle, Jack Zimmerman and Marlow Hotchkiss to become authorized Council facilitators and trainers.

    They jointly lead empowering communication processes in organizations and multi-cultural communities in Israel. They train teachers to facilitate council in the classroom and at the same time introduce groups of parents to the council process, as a holistic concept of school as a community.  In addition, workshops are held for couples in the way of council. Eran and Nuria developed a council training program named “the listening heart.” Since 2010 Uriel Center graduates have worked in various organizations and schools,  spreading the way of council in Israel.

    Eran – is a certified group facilitator by Bar-Élan University, graduated Coaching School, and has a Waldorf education teacher’s certificate.   He facilitates council and group communication skills in kibbutzim, community centers and organizations.

    Nuria – graduated with a creative Education and teaching certificate, has 25 years of experience in group facilitation, and has taught at Western Galilee College and Haifa University Continuing Education courses. She also has a Waldorf education teacher’s certificate and specializes in voice and movement therapy.