Holger Heiten

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    Holger Heiten is the father of two children, has a BA Social Work (Germany) and is an experienced Psychotherapist/Gestalt Therapist. He trained in Council under the Mentorship of Marlow Hotchkiss and with Gigi Coyle, as well as in Couples Council with Amber McIntyre & David ‘Jesse’ Jessup and Council in Schools with Joe Provisor. He has trained to guide Vision Quests with the School of Lost Borders with Steven Foster & Meredith Little and with V. & H. Nitschke in Germany. Holger is cofounder and head of the Eschwege Institut and its training academy “Campus Peregrini,” where the ceremony of council is a living part of all activities. Together with a faculty of international teachers, he offers workshops and trainings for the Council facilitator’s path, as well as for Change Process and Vision Quest Guides.