Tina Kansy

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    For me Council is an art of mindful listening and  at the same time a way of living,  a communication method and a ceremony. Mentored over years by Gigi Coyle (USA) , and trained as well as visionfast-guide by Gesa and Holger Heiten of the Eschwege-Institut (Germany) in the tradition of School of Lost Borders, I use and offer Council, wherever I work with groups, that want to increase their sense of community, their ability to listen to themselves, to others and to nature as a mirror for deeper understanding of personal or group processes. Beside deep listening my passion and joy is to encourage ways of expression through stories, music, poetry, drawing, dancing or theatre.

    Nearly since its beginning I am an active member of the European Council Network (ECN), that connects Council-Carrier all over Europe and the Middle East.

    I am mother of two teenagers. My professional life led me from landscape-architecture, eco-farming and environmental education to my current work as psychologist  and trainer for mindfulness in clinical settings, especially with youth.

    I am also experienced in movement & dance therapy, meditation, Yoga and KungFu .

    Nature was and is my guide in life, and the deep connection to the natural world is always part of my work.

    An important calling for me is to honour the children´s fire in our middle, the knowing that we are in every moment responsible  for our young generation that is already alive and for the next generations to come , when we take decisions, when we speak , what has to be spoken, when we do or not do, what has to be done….. And to listen and to speak from our hearts with the fire lit in the centre of every Council circle might be a way to remember this again and again.