P.O.W.E.R. training for law enforcement

The Peace Officer Wellness, Empathy & Resilience (POWER) Training Program is an intensive and interactive three-month curriculum for police and correctional officers that utilizes mindfulness practices, compassion-based communication exercises, and training in wellness-related areas such as stress management and self-care.

POWER offers a deep exploration of the science and experience of mindfulness and compassionate communication as it relates to stress, resiliency, performance and community building. With a focus on skill building to enhance self-awareness, attunement to others, compassion, wisdom and elite performance, participants will learn skills that can be translated to their personal and professional life. This program offers an opportunity to enhance performance, improve situational awareness, increase physical health and cognitive performance and develop new leadership capacity, balancing operational demands with life beyond the watch.

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​POWER Training teaches powerful stress management and self-care techniques, equipping officers with tools to communicate more effectively and to de-escalate conflict without resorting to excessive use of force. The approach attempts to decrease officer-involved shootings by working with attention, self-regulation and discernment, developing a more insightful and skillful approach to implicit bias, cultural diversity and community policing.

The POWER Training program has been certified by the California Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training (C-POST) and provides professional credit to police and correctional officers throughout California. Read a recent article about our POWER training model here.​

In this video LAPD Officers Talk About P.O.W.E.R: