Global Center for Indigenous Leaders and Lifeways

The Global Center for Indigenous Leaders and Lifeways is an informal umbrella created to support short-term and long-term projects that educate and inform people about indigenous ways of knowing and wisdom for modern times – spirituality that raises human consciousness and harmonious relationship with Mother Earth.

The talking circle has been used in all indigenous cultures in different forms. Among the Yupik, they have the Qus’iaq. Tlingit used the long houses. Unangan (Aleuts) used the men’s and women’s house. Rita Blumenstein, a very respected Yupik elder and healer, says that “Unless we unburden our hearts, we cannot think clearly.” …. A talking circle is not a counseling session. It is simply a time to give anyone an opportunity to speak what is in their hearts and/or on their minds in the presence of supportive witnesses.

The Talking Circle by Larry Merculieff ©2009