Council III Training – Sebastopol

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    Council III

    With Marlow Hotchkiss & Leslie Roberts

    Being a Disciple of Council

    Reading the Field

    Being a Carrier of Council

    Living Council in the real world

    These are the Four Challenges of Council. What they point to is: living Council as the art of relationship, a personal spiritual practice, a way of life.

    In Council III, we will explore walking-the-listening, as well as walking-the-talk. Empathy and relationship as paths to a fuller, more committed life. Thinking like a circle. Letting the group soul speak through us. This program is for Council practitioners, those already familiar with the forms and uses of Council, and who wish to go deeper.

    We will explore techniques for aligning our hearts and minds, moving the focus beyond authentic self-expression to living Council in our daily life, in our every interaction & relationship.

    We will practice becoming a hollow bone, learning how to get out of our own way and give voice to other beings & entities: to what is emerging in the present moment. . . .

    We will explore the ceremony of council, with attention to the subtle gateways to inner knowing, plus council as threshold into the numinous, a way of creating sacred space with others. 

    PREREQUISITES | Council I & II; or Council I plus another council-based course, such as Flesh & Spirit, Nature of Council, or equivalent experience with other circle practices, e.g., None Violent Communication, Circle Ways, or Dialogue. Plus at least one year of hands-on practice facilitating Council in various applications & venues, such as schools, relationship counseling, social work, personal coaching, men’s & women’s circles, or in businesses, organizations, etc.

    A Letter of Intention (LOI)

    • Please share a brief summary of your previous Council training, plus experience convening, leading, & facilitating circles in other areas of your life & work.
    • What moves you to explore Council III at this time in your personal journey?
    • What is your current “edge” in circle work, especially as regards speaking & listening from the heart in “everyday life” (vs. classroom, trainings, or retreat-centers)?
    • What fears and/or concerns arise when you think about participating in this particular Council III training?

    Please email your LOI to Marlow & Leslie at by April 15th.
    If you have any concerns, or questions, about your readiness for Council III, please feel free to call Marlow at (805) 701-7846.

    TO REGISTER: Please email Kate Bunney at