The Practice of Council in Nature – Wales

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    This retreat will give you the chance to explore the grace and treasures found in the gift of speaking and listening from the heart in our own relationships – the path to healing and wholeness becomes real with self-acceptance and a willingness to embrace what feels unacceptable; to name and be present with whatever is repressed and or rejected. We can move forward and have the potential to heal old wounds, and deepen our love and understanding by facing the shadow. This week we are going to do just that with nature and the nature of each other as our teacher, guide and mirror.

    Organized by Pippa Bondy
    March 25th at 6:00 pm to March 31th at 5:00 pm

    We have a beautiful farmhouse, which is quiet and spacious in an open and yet isolated setting, offering peace and tranquility and spectacular views of Snowdonia and the Irish Sea. We are also close to standing stones, stone circles, burial chambers and in reach of settlement sites as testament to those who have gone before. We are on-route to miles of headland on the Anglesey coastal path with an abundance of wildlife and flowers.

    Living simply with the beauty and peace of this magical landscape, we will open to our own rhythm and nature as our Council emerges and comes alive. Living together as a small community we will provide and cook our own food.