Way of Council in Challenging Times

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    Council is a practice that encourages deep and honest communication. It is rooted in cross-cultural indigenous societies. The core of this practice empowers participants to learn the art of ‘listening’ with full attention, and to express/speak from a place of heartfelt truth.

    We will be looking at –

    • How can we truly ‘Listen’?

    • Can we embrace the multiplicity of differences and diversity within each other in today’s culture?

    • How can we open up to not being solely defined by race, political views, sexuality and what we think is right or wrong?

    Council empowers us to open to each other as human beings and creates community in a way that has become sparse in our modern world.

    “When we are ready to live a life without fixed ideas or answers, then we are ready to bear witness to every situation no matter how difficult, impossible or painful it is. Out of that process of bearing witness – healing action spontaneously arises.”

    – Roshi Bernie Glassman

    This sensitive way of being enables us to create a safe setting from which we can reveal our hidden depths to each other and ourselves.

    The problems are also the solutions. Council brings people together. Council is inclusive. It offers a unique way to recognise and see the spirit behind our differences. We can develop the courage to reimagine and envision what is possible and create a new story.

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