Introduction to Council – Istanbul, Turkey

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    Introduction to Council – Training Seminar

    Offered by Rob Dreaming

    Council is an ancient form and modern practice that is finding increasing use among groups that want to move from hierarchical power structures to a model in which initiative, responsibility and leadership are shared by everyone – a method to support group processes and personal development, for vision and clarifying purpose, decision making, honouring achievement, for reflection, conflict management, peace and reconciliation work, celebration and for discovering the deeper, often unexpressed needs of individuals and organizations.

    This two-day introduction training is open to people who want to get to know Council and use the method in their professional and/or private life.

    Participants will identify useful practices for self and group facilitation, develop communication skills and the ability to be present in each moment, explore with tools offered in response to our own particular and collective needs and questions, receive guidance from over 15 years of working council practice plus teachings handed down.

    • Time in circle focusing on values
    • Use and practice of council
    • The experience and impact of cooperative communication
    • Practical forms of application
    • Social responsibility
    • Storytelling
    • Time outside in nature
    • Quality and coherence of our relationships and the opportunities we create

    Location: MIRA studio, Caddebostan, Istanbul
    Cost:  €140
    Times: Friday 27 Apr 19.00 – 21.30 / Saturday 28   09.30 – 22.00  / Sunday 29   09.30 – 17.00
    To Register, contact Hatice:

    Open to those with little or no experience of council.