The Natural Council – Portugal

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    The Natural Council
    Five-day Council in nature and Solo time

    A Council of renewal and deepening

    with Rob Dreaming and Krisztina Pasztor

    First steps into the wilderness – hosted five days on the land near São Gião, a time of renewal for us and for the fire-ravaged forest, we are invited into the deepening of our journeys, our questions and our rite of passage in the world. Whatever our current theme or focus, here offered is a bridge through ceremony, natural emergence and transformative work, at the foot of the Serra de Estrela.

    This special time of quest will be grounded in nature, ceremony, Council and an overnight solo quest, using nature as our mirror and guide. Held and facilitated by experienced council leaders.
    Open to those with Council and/or circle experience.
    Cost: €350
    Times: 13th June at 10:00 – 17th June at 15.00
    To register contact Maria Teresa Mendes:

    Seminar will be given in English with translation if necessary by the group
    Places limited to 10.