Wise Woman Time – Australia

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    Wise Woman Time
    Peri & Menopausal Women’s Circle
    hosted by Labyrinth Lane

    Wise Woman Time is…Strong Back – Soft Front – Wild Heart

    How might your life be different if you a had a circle of women to join? Sharing stories from your life, able to speak & listen from the heart, growing in intimate connection rather than competition.

    Our own Purple Tent.
    No voice unheard, no one invisible.


    We shall call on the beauty of a sacred Council circle, witnessing each other, touching on the work of Judith Duerk’s – Circle of Stones. Posing the beautiful question of what is it to be a woman? As a wondering, a reflection…particularly poignant for the cycle that menopause begins –the wise woman time.

    Calling this circle into your life is an act of sacred activism because it allows a place to speak & listen from the heart with realness because judgement is parked at the front gate. An opportunity to co-create sisterhood. And more…such a uniquely creative phase of life means the birthing of dreams & how would it be to have sisters to share the journey with? Even be co-collaborators.


    Then come and join us. We’ll meet in bayside Melbourne in the secret garden that is Labyrinth Lane, share tea, share our stories, ourselves. You are invited.


    When: May 5th and 26th from 1:30 – 3:30pm
    Cost: $35 / meeting
    Facilitator: Tina Christensen

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