Call for Online Councils

In ancient Greek, a ‘corona’ was a circular ornament often made from interwoven leaves and flowers. Might this corona-virus be a loud reminder shouting into the old grid world that the Circle time is nigh?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dear Community,

With the current state of the world, with more and more European countries on shut-down and more and more of the U.S. imposing distancing guidelines, with the closing of borders and people quarantined in their homes for an indefinite period – spaces of unity and resilience are needed more than ever. 

To many in the field of circle work, it‘s a time to circle up, often, daily and relentlessly. Last week we realized that if we can’t sit together physically then online Councils would soon be sprouting everywhere – as one very beautiful way to stay connected. Virtual circles for telling stories from hibernation, supporting, healing, sharing intentions and learning from each other. 

The world is in a slowed down state – meeting in intentional circles, being in ceremony together can help us reflect and digest what‘s unfolding right now in the heavy turbulence of the Great Turning. Listening and being listened to in these tight quarters of the birth canal into a more authentic, caring and considerate world, might help us to stay open in our hearts. Sharing what is going on for us, expressing our sensations and insights might bring calm and most of all awaken and deepen connection in our lives.

And sure enough the first facilitators just called for spontaneous online councils from Austria, Canada, California, Germany and the Czech Republic. The announcements of virtual circle opportunities keep coming. A strong wave of a shared intention to meet the need for expression and communication.

We ask that you inform us about your online Councils / circles – indicating your country, times, a contact person and email address. We will update the list of offers regularly and invite you in turn to share pearls and stories from your meetings.

Find all Online offers here:

Please contact us: contact@waysofcouncil.net

Andrea Widegreen, site manager
with the
Ways of Council Core Team