Bioneers 2020 Conference

Hello, Friend and Relative!

In case you may have wondered about experiencing a Bioneers conference, but haven’t before (due to cost, travel or timing), this is the year to experience its magic! Or, if you’ve not heard of Bioneers, but wonder what we’re about, here’s a description:

We feature innovators from all walks of life, people who’ve shown how we may reinvent, regenerate, revitalize and heal ourselves, our cultures, communities and relationship to Mother Earth. In various formats, folks share bold, visionary and practical solutions. Then, we offer interactive and experiential workshops, councils and community conversations to listen and learn from and with each other.

Many among the Bioneers are inspired by the wisdom of nature, by learning from her 3.8 billion years of evolution what creates conditions conducive to all of life. Diverse leaders address many of our most challenging issues, from racial justice and economic equity to climate, education, arts, food sovereignty, wildlands and health. Bioneers’ spectrum of solutions includes women’s leadership, nature’s intelligence, Indigenous leaders, cultures and worldview, youth, arts, democracy, emotional and social healing. Our approach is embodied in community, offering a future vision that’s within our grasp today. People experience it as inspiring, grounding, connecting and uplifting, offering ideas and resources that are renewing of vision, passion and commitment. Some have called it a natural antidepressant.

Gigi Coyle has partnered with longtime collaborators Sharon Shay Sloan and Ilarion Mercullieff to assemble council guides who are skillful, wise and caring, to co-guide identity-based sessions for the first three days of Bioneers’ conference, as you’ll see in the attached pdf. On the fourth day, the council guides will assemble to share what they learned from their councils, in a coalescing of the wisdom surfaced from those among the extended Bioneers communities to inform our ways forward.

Interactive offerings each day include council sessions: talking and listening circles hosted by skillful guides intended for deep listening and speaking in the community’s reflections and sharing in a sacred, confidential and compassionate context. We’re jazzed to host community conversations, which begin with impassioned talks by great speakers (different ones each day) on timely and relevant topics and then guide you through a series of intimate discussions with other participants, which are synthesized artfully at the end by a gifted ‘harvester.’

This year’s offering is both affordable and adaptable – the sliding scale starts at $20/day. Any who need one are invited to apply for a scholarship. To register for an Interactive session, you must first register for the keynotes for that day. We want to ensure that everyone who wishes to attend is able to do so. You can find helpful tools for sharing information about the conference here.

And, though the conference will happen live on Dec 5, 6, 12 and 13 from 10:30am PST to 3:40pm PST, the conference keynotes and panels will be available to registrants online through 12/31. It’s an amazing wealth of timely and relevant ideas, connections, inspiration, vision and community.

For anyone who wants to experience a great beam of hopeful vision, and enjoy a diverse community of people who are discerning, committed and care deeply about the transformative evolution of humanity that we’re all part of, this is the year to come!

In partnership, love and solidarity, towards resilience, and with warm welcoming arms,

Nina, Kenny and The Team at Bioneers

>> More Info about the Council Sessions also here for download