Marlow Hotchkiss

Place Category: Council Trainers

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    Marlow is a poet, Council trainer, ecologist, and wilderness guide, with over 45 years of circle work and rites of passage with young people and adults, in classrooms and in nature. He has taught high-school and university-level courses and served as a Co-Director of the Ojai Foundation from 1999-2007. Together with other Ojai elders, Marlow offers programs in North America, Europe and Africa. He is a father, grandfather, and (as he cheerfully admits) a sort of a ‘small b’ buddhist. “I’m fascinated by human beings, how we grow and how we know. I love empowering others, eliciting their innate gifts, their authentic selves. I work best in the context of partnership and group improvisation. I believe deeply in the power of heartfelt, every-day talk to heal relationships and build community.”