Lillian Soderman

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    Lillian discovered Council in April of 2011 at the memorial service of a friend, which was being lead by John McCluskey, a veteran Council trainer. The two immediately connected and decided to reconnect at a Council one training in the summer. After this training, she was hooked. She left her career as an alcohol and drug counselor in Portland, Oregon and moved to Los Angeles where she could be closer to the Council action. A few years later, she was certified as a trainer. She was a part of the pilot prison program, which brought the practice to a Northern California prison. She also joined the youth program and continues to facilitate high school rites of passage trips for Los Angeles students. She now resides in the mountains of Colorado, but frequently visits Southern California to continue the work. When she’s not practicing Council or being a data nerd consultant, Lillian is a musician and plays shows frequently around Colorado.