Cândida Rato

Place Category: Council Facilitators

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    There`s a whisper calling me to offer the practice of circles, through ceremonies and presence, to connect with nature, people`s hearts and honor the power of being together and listening. I bring council ways as a continuous practice of the core principles in my relationships. As in council as in life.

    I am an apprentice and practitioner of Way(s) of Council, since I experienced it by 2015. Active member of portuguese council network since then – Rede Way of Council Portugal and of the European Council Network since 2017 from the first gathering. Been calling and facilitating circles since 2016, including retreats, open air circles, offering exclusive space for women and circles open to all (family circles, human circles, all beings circles).

    Joined the Trainings on Way of Council (2015, 2017), The Natural Council (2018), Art of Witnessing (2018), Nature of Council (2018), Council for Couples (2019), Council in Nature (2019), with our international elders, trainers and facilitators.

    Created Women´s Council Sharing Circles (2017), Fé*minino Consciente (Conscious Feminine) (2018) and Way(s) of Council Men and Women Circles (2019). By 9 June 2019 in a circle of recognition the community validated me as facilitator, in a beautiful ceremony with nature and stories, honouring my path in The Way of Council lineage and tradition.

    I feel this path as an on-going training and practice in a “learning by doing” approach to live, supported as needed by mentor and friend Rob Dreaming.