“The heart of a story” – a group online course with Storyteller Laura Simms

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    ten sessions. ten weeks.
    zoom platform weekly, assignments and a google group
    April 3 – June 7th, Sundays at 11 -12 am EST accomodating those in India, and the Middle East who have asked to join.

    Dear friends,
    I have created this online class in hopes of offering those who have wanted to deepen their storytelling, find succor in the wisdom of stories, and/or engage in a creative dialogue and endeavor. I wish for everyone great healthy, joy and peace in their body, mind and heart as we traverse this stunning and startling time. Laura

    People are asking for:
    ways to transform fear and be of aid to others;
    have something wonderful to do during this time;
    a potent way to learn to tell a story that has meaning –
    discovering how to ensure that a story is an uplifted experience;
    and a way to be personally creative and mentally healthy
    with motivation and hope.

    The online class is an opportunity to enrich your storytelling and learn more about how a story can be investigated to uncover genuine healing qualities and multiple meanings.

    Together we move step by step, deeper and deeper into a story – uncovering what is actually happening –

    We will explore:
    The special architecture of engagement;
    The structure of a narrative and its landscape;
    The unique role of the narrator;
    The history of image and symbol in history revealing hidden understandings and inner stories within a story.
    All the while we will journal our personal healing relationship to the tale.

    Every one learns a story together for the first two sessions
    Then individually ,each one works on a story of their choice.

    In order to make it possible for storytellers, writers, educators, those involved in social justice and compassionate business, lovers of tales, or healing.
    I have reduced the price.
    There is a sliding scale payment: $200 – $500
    Please pay what you are comfortable with and can afford that expresses the value of the work and does not put extra stresson your life at present.
    Payment is done through Paypal, for more information call or whatsapp 646 732 0696 or write to me at storymentor2010@gmail.com

    Individual coaching sessions can be purchased separately
    There are still two available spaces for the more intensive individualized mentor program.

    Laura Simms 814 Broadway NYC 10003