Art of Intimate Conversation

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    A relationship workshop for couples offered by Leon Berg and Glori Zeltzer in the Council House at The Ojai Foundation.

    Intimate conversation is an art. When we first meet, we’re very anxious to learn everything we can about our partners. It’s all new and interesting and we probably have strong sexual chemistry together! Then, as time goes on, the chemistry calms down, the stories subside, and we get involved in daily life. From here, the intimate connection wanes.

    Bring the energy back into your intimate relationship with the support of a small group of couples. Glori and Leon combine their talents to introduce you to a process which will bring that energy alive. You will learn new relationship skills, and have time to practice them with your partner.

    • Listen more deeply
    • Express appreciation
    • Deepen intimacy
    • Create a safe place in your relationship for
    expressing feelings and needs

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