The Bridge – Science and Practice of Mindfulness (Online course)

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    Fostering Connection at a Distance

    ​The Bridge is an opportunity for continued study and guidance that is tailored for individuals who have experienced Council Training 1: Introduction to Council and wish to dive deeper.

    This course complements Council practice, whether experienced at the workplace or in intimate settings at home – as well as virtual, online settings. The intention to “listen from the heart” is both foundational in Council, and a practice that extends well beyond the circle. This course will support ongoing growth in facilitating and embodying Council in one’s life and work, as well as applications of the practice in our daily lives.

    The Bridge curriculum explores both the science and practice of mindfulness, as it relates to Council, and includes other methodologies grounded in breathwork, body awareness, and guided meditation, providing a framework to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and social awareness.

    The Bridge Includes:

    • 2-hour live webinar exploring scientific framework, research and overview of mindfulness practices, with particular emphasis on finding ways to engage and connect in this climate of “social distancing”
    • 24 thought-provoking and mind-opening assignments, delivered weekly to your inbox
    • Podcasts, TED Talks, and recommended reading that explores the latest in mindfulness
    • Weekly activities to heighten your physical, mental, emotional, and social awareness
    • Weekly themes for journaling, written reflection, and ideas for activating gratitude
    • Tips for utilizing technology to connect online with others in Virtual Councils
    • Council Prompts for you to use for personal reflection, as well as in your own work with Council, in-person and/or online
    • Final Online Council to reflect and unpack the learning journey with your cohort and veteran Council Trainers​

    As our practice of Council deepens, our capacity for awareness grows – both inside the Council Circle and beyond. Paying attention to thoughts, feelings and sensations in ourselves and others and sharpening our ability to notice without judgment is a critical component of Council, and an important step in our growth as human beings.

    In these times of isolation and distancing, this course offers an opportunity to deepen our  awareness, attune to ourselves and our environment, and explore what it means to truly “listen from the heart.” We invite you to join us in this immersive exploration!

    $149.99 per registration