One World Bearing Witness – Global 24-hour vigil

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    One World in Dialogue Presents:
    One World Bearing Witness: A 24-hour global vigil for humanity
    Dec 2nd at 2pm – Dec 3rd at 2pm UTC

    One World Bearing Witness is a free 24-hour online, global/local, live, participatory, healing ritual for humanity that brings us together in Unity and Difference.

    Our intention is to stir the hope and courage of humanity and create a space between us in which our painful and often long-standing divisions can be held and seen from the depth of our nonseparation and interconnectedness. This is a small but essential step toward developing a ground together from which a new will toward cooperation and action can arise.

    From December 2ndto 3rd, using the latest interactive video technology, we will go on a profound journey with thousands of concerned, caring people worldwide through seven ritual cycles offered by spiritual leaders, revered elders, community activists, visionary artists, and transformational tricksters from all directions on this planet to bear witness and to take a stand for the Light in the face of Darkness.

    You are Invited

    During this 24-hour online vigil, you will travel virtually from the Philippines to Hawai’i, from the Canadian plains to the African desert, touching down on “acupuncture points” on the body of our wounded world where you can participate in healing rituals and ceremonies guided by courageous individuals who offer to transform our divisions by working for a deeper reconciliation and peace.

    Your hosts, Dr. Thomas Steininger and Dr. Elizabeth Debold, will introduce you to wisdom keepers from many lineages who will guide you into a deep recognition that we are not separate, and your hosts will also provide you with a seat in ceremony circles around the world where ritual holders are working to heal critical divisions in the human psyche and family.

    We welcome you to participate in any or all of the free 24-hour event, as long as you feel drawn to take part. Follow this link to REGISTER.

    You can bear witness

    • Hold a space of silence and respect through meditation or contemplation,
    • Witness the unfolding of the seven ritual cycles,
    • Bring together friends and family to participate together,
    • Allow yourself to be touched by the stories and ceremonies of the ritual holders from places of tension and conflict in the world,
    • Stretch to embrace the wholeness and the division that our humanness is made of,
    • Participate in the rituals during the 24-hours so that you stand with the people working to heal the splits between and within us,
    • Commit to solidarity and action that brings greater wholeness into the human family and psyche.


    You are needed
    This is a global experiment that needs your concern, heart, depth, and vision to be realized. Your real-time engagement as a Witness Bearer will make it possible to create a global ritual space on this planet in which thousands bear witness to the Light and Truth of Unity in the face of the inhumanity, destructiveness, and historical wrongs that human beings have done to each other and to life on Earth. By holding this whole of the human experience together – not as a concept or idea but as a felt resonance within the field of consciousness that participants will be in together – we create a new potential for healing and connection within humanity.

    Take part in this free, global vigil for humanity
    Follow this link to REGISTER