Dyadic Council – Pastoral Vadi, Turkey

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    Dyadic Council
    Emotional Intimacy in Relationships

    With Eran and Nurit

    The most valuable asset each person has is their relationships. The depth of our relationships with others, and with ourselves fundamentally depends on our patterns of listening and speaking. In this workshop you will learn effective and heart-full communication patterns that can be applied in daily life. The uniqueness of this approach lies in the creation of a sacred space that enables us to transform interpersonal communication.

    The practice of Dyadic Council as pioneered by Jack Zimmerman and Jaquelyn McCandless led to the awakening of Third Consciousness, the presence and voice of the relationship itself. Identifying and nurturing the presence of Third Consciousness has become an integral teaching for couples who wish to deepen their intimate connection so that their relationship takes on the fullness of a spiritual path. The deeper truth that arises in Dyadic Council fosters the development of skills to create mutually supportive, emotionally rewarding connections between partners. Being willing to be vulnerable keeps relationships alive, keeps couples growing together and deepens love and intimacy.

    Times:  Arrive on Thursday, June 28 by 4 pm. Depart on Sunday, July 1st after lunch.

    Cost: 250 EUR – includes full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodation in shared rooms

    Early Bird Discount (if you register by April 30th): 200 EUR
    In case of cancellation before May 15th, 75 % of the workshop fee can be refunded.

    For registration, please transfer the full workshop fee to either of the following accounts:
    For Europe:
    Marian Brehmer
    DE54 1203 0000 1010 7293 64
    DKB Berlin

    For Turkey:
    Marian Pascal Brehmer
    TR36 0001 5001 5800 7303 9473 92

    For questions concerning the content of the workshop please contact
    Eran and Nurit: urielcenter1@gmail.com

    For questions concerning practicalities/logistics please contact
    Marian and Aslınur: marianaslinur@gmail.com

    The Facilitators:
    Eran and Nurit Halevi are a couple and parents of four children. Being accredited council trainers (Center for Council, Ojai Foundation), they are among the pioneers of council in Israel and have been training couples and council groups since 2009 at the Uriel Center near Haifa. They learned the work of dyadic council from Jack Zimmerman and Jacquelyn McCandless.

    Marian Brehmer and Aslınur Akdeniz Brehmer practiced council with communities in Turkey and at the Ojai Foundation during a 3-week immersion in summer 2017. They are circle facilitators and see themselves as bridge builders between the East and the West. In their flat in Istanbul they host weekly sharing circles and are in the process of building a community of spiritual companionship.