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    The mystery of intimate relationship – With Shay and Galit Hanien from Haifa / Israel

    What is Flesh and Spirit?

    This innovative workshop is based on The Way of Council for couples. Council is a non-hierarchical form of deep communication where each person is empowered to develop and deepen their attentive listening and authentic speaking from the heart.

    During the workshop, a small supportive group will create safe space for individual couples to discover the voice of their own relationship. Exploring, identifying, and playing, the dyadic work facilitates mutual and energizing sharing that has powerful potential for the short and long term health of individuals and couples. The focus of this workshop is to connect to the basic elements of the relationship, “the third” present force in any couple. This is a process by which each couple gets to share from the heart and listen sincerely while simultaneously being witnessed and supported by the group of couples.

    Galit and Shay, trained by Jack Zimmerman and Dr. Jacquelyn MacCandless in Flesh and Spirit, have been married and together for 24 years and have three children. They both have Masters Degrees from “Ecole Superiere de Gestion” in Paris. Galit’s degree is in Human Resource Management and Shay has an MBA. For the last 15 years they are part of the leadership group of the way of council in Israel. They have facilitated, mentored and led the “Way of Council” .They are consulting and working couples in the F&S together in Israel and in different places in Europe.

    Galit and Shay can be reached at: kashuv@gmail.com their website is: www.8cci.org

    Date: August 20th (4pm) – 23rd (11am) 2020

    Costs: 395,00 € per person, respectively 738,00 € per couple, including taxes. Food and Accommodation in cozy twin rooms will be in the guest department of the Eschwege Institut itself. Full board food and accommodation will be 63,00 € per person and night. We plan with three nights for the workshop. If you think of staying on, please let us know in advance.

    Venue: Eschwege Institut, Hinter den Höfen 10, D-37276 Meinhard, Germany

    Participants: Max. 8 couples (16 participants)

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