Council & Community Exploring speaking and listening from the heart – Czech Rep.

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    Council & Community

    Exploring speaking and listening from the heart

    26. – 28. 4. 2019

    with Han Delissen (NL) – Elder & Council Trainer, Member of European Council Network “Keepers Circle”; Linda Elias (AUT) – Council Trainer, Social Worker, Coach, and Mother; Jaroslava Vatay (CZ) – Council Facilitator, assistant, and organizer.

    „The purpose of creating a safe space is to empower people to risk telling the Truth! Marlow Hotchkiss

    As Scott Peck, Community builder, says: „True Community is marked both by deep honesty and a deep caring.

    The treasure of a circle, a community, is the diversity of its parts. Each part carries unique wisdom, a specific experience, an individual perspective on the world. Each of us carries their own truths. These days, we slowly discover again that each voice is important, together we know more. And we more and more face complex problems that need complex answers. No more black and white.

    Two of the Council Intentions are integral to a community. Speaking to conflicts, addressing irritations, giving critical feedback, voicing what triggers us is hard. When we are together as a community, irritations and conflicts are part of our daily life. We are different, we have different needs, we have different values, and we need to be able to speak that out and be heard. The intentions „speaking and listening from the heart“ address that.

    And: when we are able to really hear each voice, each truth without judging, it helps everyone to have the feeling they are worth, they matter, they belong. When I know there is space for my specific view, my truth, when I feel heard and seen, when I get the feeling I contribute and I matter, I am more present, I am more motivated, I offer my gifts.

    Council also offers a container for discovering the shared vision of a group. The purpose of a shared vision is to offer a destination for the group. Whenever a decision needs to be made, the circle can ask: Does this or that serve our shared vision? A vision is like a north star that helps us to align again and again, and that counts for individuals as well as for the circle as a whole. Another function of a shared vision is to know what we all care about. When we care, we connect with the world, with each other.