Living the Circle – Introduction to the Way of Council, Czech Republic

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    This weekend-long Council Training is open to all.

    It will be an opportunity to – *practice the basic process and intentions and the different forms of Council
    * learn the differences between “leading” groups and facilitating Council
    * facilitate an experiential learning atmosphere, where participants can practice facilitation and learn by doing
    * introduce Council as a tool for conflict exploration and prevention
    * tend to questions that emerge during the training and apply Council in practice
    * learn to act and think like a circle

    On a personal level you can –
    * train your ability to be involved and get a broader view of the whole group to strengthen facilitation
    * practice non-violent communication, non-judgemental listening and getting rid of stereotypes
    * practice speaking the essence and listening to inner impulses
    * most importantly we want to enable and encourage participants to offer, facilitate and use Council

    About the Trainer
    Joe Provisor (USA) is an International Council Trainer, Married and Family Therapist, Long-time Teacher, Director of Council in Schools (CIS) and Council Practitioners Center (CPC) in Los Angeles. He runs training for pedagogues, therapists, and business people. He has been practicing and teaching Council in schools since 1986, has experience with the Way of the Advisory Circle at more than 50 schools of all levels, from nursery to college.

    Registration & Cost
    To register, please click here and follow the link.
    Workshop Fee: 220 – 320 €
    Food & Lodging: 60 €

    You can decide how much you will pay in the range of this sliding scale. Please how much is right for you. And also consider prices of such workshops in your country. We trust and look for harmony. If the lowest possible price is too much for you, let us know and we can try find some solution together.

    The training will begin with lunch at 1pm on Friday, Nov 10th, and end at 4pm on Sunday Nov 12th.
    The training will be held in both Czech and English.