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  • Cândida Rato

    There`s a whisper calling me to offer the practice of circles, through ceremonies and presence, to connect with nature, people`s hearts and honor the power of being together and listening. I bring council ways as a continuous practice of the core principles in my relationships. As in council as in Read more [...]

  • Chris Elder

    Chris Elder is passionate about authentic communication as a path to deeper relationships, greater social understanding and a more peaceful world. She has been facilitating Council circles in various settings since 1995. Following 25 years as an award-winning educator in public and private schools, often incorporating Council practice, Chris is active in our Read more [...]

  • Eschwege Institute – Germany

    The Eschwege Institute is a training centre, situated in the heart of Germany. It has three beautiful group rooms, including two round yurts and its own guest accommodation. Holger and Gesa Heiten, who are running this centre, are both council trainers and together with a faculty of international teachers, they Read more [...]

  • Jane Raphael

    Jane is a thirty-year veteran teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District and holds a National Board Certification.  She began using Council in the early 2000s to help build an inclusive classroom community and deepen children’s connection to the curriculum. Jane is committed to educating the whole child, and Read more [...]

  • Jaroslava Vatay

    Jaroslava has been on the Trainers Path as an apprentice since 2015 with her mentor Han Dellised, an elder and International Council Trainer. She is working to support and practice Council in the Czech Republic, with the help of Joe Provisor. Jaroslava has practiced and facilitated Council with adults and Read more [...]

  • Julia Wasson

    Julia Wasson is a National Board Certified third-grade teacher and mentor teacher in Los Angeles. A veteran Council trainer, she trains school faculties and organizations, and collaborates on a variety of Council-based lesson plans and activities. She has written about Council for Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and the Read more [...]

  • Natalie White

    Natalie White sat in her first Council circle with educators in 1990 and knew immediately that this practice would change the way she taught, communicated, and listened in both her professional and personal life. Now a Certified Council Trainer, Natalie is an active member of Center for Council and Council Read more [...]

  • Wilhelm Zwirner

    Even though his interest in deep listening and open-hearted communication reaches further back, Wilhelm sits in circles practicing The Way of Council since 2010 – in open circles, co-housing initiatives, men’s circles and very much in Couples-Council practice with his partner Sarah. With their mentors Galit & Shay Hanien Sarah Read more [...]

  • Alexis Slutzky

    Alexis works with groups and individuals as a mentor​, facilitator and guide. She has been practicing Council since her introduction to the Ojai Foundation in 1999, where she currently serves on the Advisory Board. Alexis has shared the practice of Council in a variety of ​settings, including women’ s circles, permaculture trainings, veteran retreats, public Read more [...]

  • Andrea Brown

    Andrea Brown, M.A., began her circle practice with elder Dolores LaChappelle in the San Juan Mountains in the early 1980s. Since then, Andrea has worked in the private sector, academia, and nonprofits on culture and the environment and was a National Science Foundation and James Irvine Foundation fellow. She has Read more [...]

  • Aura Hammer

    Born in 1957, in New York, Aura moved to Israel with her parents and siblings in 1973. She studied architecture at the Technion in Haifa (Barch) and worked as an architect for many years until she discovered her passion for working for peace. She began by co-founding a local grassroots Read more [...]

  • European Council Network

    The purpose of the Network is to support the practice and the growth of the Way of Council in Europe, it connects people all over Europe, Israel and the Middle East. For that purpose, the ECN: Keeps a website as a hub for information and resources about Council and access Read more [...]

  • Eva Dittingerová

    Eva has met council in 2014. Working in the field of youth work and education she missed people truly listening to each other and learning from each other, colleagues exchanging their experiences and mutual respect. She started regular councils for adults once a month in the yurt of a kindergarten Read more [...]

  • Holger Heiten

    Holger Heiten is the father of two children, has a BA Social Work (Germany) and is an experienced Psychotherapist/Gestalt Therapist. He trained in Council under the Mentorship of Marlow Hotchkiss and with Gigi Coyle, as well as in Couples Council with Amber McIntyre & David ‘Jesse’ Jessup and Council in Read more [...]

  • Jared Seide

    Jared Seide is the Director of Center for Council and has designed, piloted and coordinated Council-based programs in prisons, assisted living facilities, youth groups and a variety of non-profit and faith-based organizations and social service agencies, including “The Co-Mentoring Project” for emancipated foster youth, the “Social Justice Council Project” in Read more [...]

  • João Correia

    João lives in Sintra, a beautiful mountain over the Atlantic ocean on the west coast of Portugal. He has been sitting in Council since March 2013 where he first met his friend & Council mentor, Rob Dreaming. As a carrier, João has brought the practice of Council to prisons, men’s Read more [...]

  • Kelly Kagan Law

    Kelly Kagan Law, Ph.D., leads the Council program at Snap Inc. Prior to joining Snap, she spent two decades innovating human development programs and implementing them in public and private educational institutions. She formerly served as Vice President and COO of the Coalition for Engaged Education, a nonprofit that provides Read more [...]

  • Ken Rosen

    Ken Rosen received his BA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Following graduation, he traveled, lived and worked for five years throughout Asia, Central, and South America. Upon his return, he worked for ten years in the entertainment business until a desire to give back to his community led Read more [...]

  • Leon Berg

    Leon Berg is a founding member of the Ojai Foundation, and is now an Elder, or preferably, Yelder :-). He is a Senior Trainer for Center for Council and a Founding Advisory Board member.  Leon has been facilitating Council groups in the U.S. and abroad for over 25 years. In Read more [...]

  • Lori Austein

    Lori Austein is a council trainer and facilitator, hypnotherapist and coach, and Waldorf teacher. Past experiences as a lawyer and program coordinator for the Cowichan Intercultural Society have informed her appreciation for justice and diversity. She is about to celebrate 20 years of making council a part of her personal Read more [...]

  • Michelle Pilar Mansfield

    Michelle is part of the teaching staff at New Roads Upper School in Santa Monica, California. With more than 25 years of council experience she weaves council into a variety of lesson plans, whether they be in Spanish or in response to an event happening in the world or the Read more [...]

  • New England Council Collective

    NE Council Collective is a growing body of Council trainers and Council facilitators in the New England area. We serve individuals, groups and organizations seeking to learn more about Council and to seed Council practices in and for the human and more-than-human worlds. Currently based in Putney, Vermont where certified Read more [...]

  • Pippa Bondy

    Pippa Bondy is a wilderness quest/rites of passage guide and a carrier/trainer of Council; plus an Alexander Technique teacher with more than thirty years experience. She developed a unique program based on a synthesis of Council and Alexander Technique. Pippa also created Ancient Healing Ways (2000), a foundation that brings ancient healing Read more [...]

  • Rob Dreaming

    Rob Dreaming found Council in 2002 in the KaliKalos project in Greece and has been an active Carrier and Facilitator. He recently became a trainer Trainer under the mentorship and care of Ojai Foundation trainers and elders Gigi Coyle and Marlow Hotchkiss. A soul purpose in this life to work Read more [...]

  • Tina Kansy

    For me Council is an art of mindful listening and  at the same time a way of living,  a communication method and a ceremony. Mentored over years by Gigi Coyle (USA) , and trained as well as visionfast-guide by Gesa and Holger Heiten of the Eschwege-Institut (Germany) in the tradition Read more [...]