From Israel

Annexation is not a pathway to peace.

I believe that peace can only be achieved through equal consent, partnership, and self-determination.

All those who want to see Israeli-Palestinian peace must work beyond just preventing this dangerous policy.

We must focus on creating hope instead of despair and building a future based on the inherent equality of Palestinians and Israelis.

I believe every human being in the world deserves to live in peace and dignity and equality.

I will not lose hope. I will continue to believe in peace, act in peace be peace until we achieve peace. There is no way to peace: the peace is the way.

Peace prayer from the Prophet Muhammad:

“O Allah, unite our hearts
and set aright our mutual affairs,
guide us in the path of peace.
Liberate us from darkness by Your light,
save us from enormities whether open or hidden.
Bless us in our ears, eyes, hearts, spouses, and children.
Turn to us; truly you are Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.
Make us grateful for Your bounty and full of praise for it,
so that we may continue to receive it and complete Your blessings upon us”

With regards